The “International winter internship” requisite knowledge and skills for candidates to improve their business, management and communication abilities. This series provides candidates with the tools necessary to take rational decisions, to conduct polished briefings and to communicate in all situations with clarity, confidence, poise and presence.

After completing “International winter internship”, the candidate will be able to:

 Gain insight about business world.
 Gain awareness and better knowledge of the business and management principles.
 Acquire new managerial skills, to meet up the corporate demands.
 Build their self-esteem.
 Attain leadership qualities.
 Total personality development.
 Develop team building and group cohesiveness.
 Helps to vigor their strengths and overcome their weakness.
 Up-skilled to do new and different tasks (multi-task/ multi-talent) and keeps them motivated and fresh.
 Stay updated with the latest market trends.