Major Highlights of International winter internship:

 Live Project/Internship with Govt. Banks as Co-Partners like: etc.

 Total working hrs: 48 hrs for live project & 2month/3months working during the Internship program.

 Student will be getting a work experience certificate from the company for 1 month or above as per the project allotted to him/her. Which will be a value add in student’s cv.

 Even Student will be getting a stipend (range- 4k to 12k) on the basis of their performance during the Live Project/Internship.

 UAS International is the only organization in India who provide International Student exchange program abroad (Malaysia, London, China, Singapore, Dubai) in last 4days of      live project/Internship(Students will be selected on the basis of performance during the live project/Internship .).

 We are the only organization in India who is providing Dual Specialization- Marketing as Major- HR, Research, Operation as minor.

 During the Live Project, Students will be going through the Exclusive Corporate training program for first seven days on the basis of which students can decide which      specialization they want to opt in future.