We listen, we care, we make it happen

Since its founding in 2013, UAS International has had a profound vision to help clients cherish the present, while simultaneously planning for tomorrow. Our crystal clear focus, combined with our tenacious work ethic, helps provide tailor made solutions built on and continuously adjusted to meet your lifestyle goals. With our customer-first policy, we understand how you wish to live your life, and in turn provide trusted and ongoing service that helps you achieve your lifestyle goals.

Here, at UAS, we care about the outcome.

With our undeterred commitment to listening and caring about the needs of our clients, we’re able to put together realistic financial goals with financial strategies that work.”

Our Role

“UAS International has an unmatched dedication towards working efficiently for our customers. Our clientele consists of affluent individuals, families, business owners and other advisors. As experts in mutual funds, life and health insurance planning, we partner with our clients through a process of understanding, building and sustaining wealth. Achieving wealth and remaining wealthy require different characteristics. Individuals, families and even businesses become wealthy for a variety of reasons, yet they often make the mistake of thinking they can also win the wealth management game alone. Fortunes are lost annually by uninformed direct investments and poor choices made by experts in the legal, operations, accounting, investments and insurance domains. In many cases, there are no “do overs” which is why the right partner not only makes sense, it is critical in achieving one’s goals. In the end, it is not about what you earn, it is what you keep that matters most.”

Why us ?

Client focused and able to look at the whole of the market on your behalf, we are a young, dynamic and wholly independent company built upon core values of honesty, integrity and a client focused service. At UAS International we pride ourselves on providing choice, value for money and the highest quality personal service - all delivered in simple, jargon-free, terms. UAS International is led by a professionally qualified team of advisers. We bring a fresh face and fresh perspective to a range of financial matters and our proven track record has been built on quality advice and integrity. UAS International is determined to build strong, long lasting, personal relationships with our clients.

Financial Planning

Designed to Assist You in All Aspects of Life


Helping You Manage Risk

We believe that with retirement money, risk control is more important than higher returns. Managing risk includes controlling and minimizing investment costs, as well as it encompasses monitoring returns and rebalancing portfolios as necessary.


Your Financial Coach

As your financial planning coach, we help you clarify the complexities of life, and help empower you to make important decisions. We are on your side to assist you with tough decisions.


Providing Proactive Service

As your financial partner, we are proactively seeking to enhance your life. We will focus on your finances, while you focus on your well being, family, relationships and happiness in life.


Providing Customised Services

Our team of professionals and our individualized approach to your portfolio allows you to feel confident that your money is being invested in accord with your growth and income goals. We guide you to make smart financial and life decisions that are crucial to your future.

Our Associates